Ida P. Rolf, the Creator of Rolfing Therapy

Dr. Ida P. Rolf

Rolfing NYC is a unique position to be in, and we’re honored to be here, helping people realize their full potential as humans. 

As a Certified Advanced Rolfer™, Soken treats body pain as well as  energetic, and emotional blockages. Soken has has successfully treated: sciatic pain, scoliosis discomfort, shoulder pain, knee pain, upper back pain, posture issues, plantar fasciitis, sinus compression, headaches (including migraines), tinnitus, lower back pain, and hip pain. 

Soken has treated stress relating to significant life events:  grief, career change, profound spiritual shifts, marriage, parenthood, busyness, anxiety issues, and such states as feeling vaguely “off,” “out of it,” “obsessed,” “un-centered,” “unfocused,” and “ungrounded.”

We work in honour of Dr. Ida Rolf’s profound contributions and pioneering work to bring people out of pain into a brighter life. Dr. Rolf was intrigued with and explored many forms of alternative healing throughout her lifetime.


My last session with Soken was much more effective for my knee than were four sessions of traditional physical therapy. -D.B. San Francisco