Why Meditate?

Without meditation training, your mind is like a wild animal. Therefore, the Zen tradition likens the untrained mind to a wild ox. An ox does whatever it wants. And untrained intelligence is like a beast that eats, sleeps and wanders with no guidance, purpose, or reason.

Meditation practice helps you tame your mind and increases your ability to focus. And with more ability to focus one gains greater control over one’s impulses and reactions. 

But meditation isn’t just about control. Importantly, it is a way to open up to higher levels of creativity, cognition, functioning, and awareness.  And it’s especially important for those who want to live a life devoted to compassion.

We teach meditation to help you bring out your best self. So, whether you want to be a great mom, entrepreneur, executive, artist, buddhist monk — or whatever — meditation can help you do it. 

Use meditation to achieve your goals in life whatever those goals may be. 

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4-Ways Meditation Will Help You:

  1. Frees your mind for a higher purpose such as developing your values.
  2. Makes for more peaceful and productive conversations with others.
  3. Helps for more fulfilling relationships based on love, trust and respect.
  4. Generates a more empowered, purposeful life, and strengthens one’s ability to live with courage, compassion, and self awareness. 

Meditate to Live a Heroic Life

Meditation allows you to stay focused on your values and live a heroic, creative life. 

By staying focused on what matters most to you, you’ll see opportunities where others don’t. Also you’ll keep from getting hooked by irrelevant and harmful distractions. For example: other people’s agendas for you, especially agendas that might not be good for you – or anyone. 

Focus & Concentration 

Staying focused on what is most important to you helps you gain more control of your life and develop healthy habits. By developing healthy habits you can become the master of your destiny, realizing your goals with increased mastery.

Stop Emotional Reactivity

Being emotionally non-reactive frees you from knee-jerk emotional responses that create problems and difficulty. Meditation allows you to practice coming back to the present moment without judgement. Most importantly, this gives you control over reactions and compulsions. And by virtue of such control, you will not be ruled or enslaved by anything that wants to use you by manipulating your desires. 

Start Meditating

Download the Free Meditation Kit for everything you need to start or refresh your meditation practice. It is totally free, science-backed, and it includes the essential meditations as well as important information about meditation practice.  

And if you want to use meditation to shape your life and live in a more purposeful, empowered way, continue reading about our Spiritual Life Coaching program. 

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