Meditation Coaching is for people who want to untie the knots in their mind. And a good meditation coach can help you do so.

Meditation practice isn’t a way of attaining worldly knowledge. And effective meditation coaching helps you shed mistaken knowledge. With proper guidance, meditation is an excellent way to remove the self-doubt and confusion that obstruct the truly good nature with which you’re born. 

One of the most insidious aspects of many meditation practices is that the practice, which should act like medicine, is turned into poison. And this happens when one turns spiritual work into a social pursuit for status or achievement as opposed to, say, the authentic realization of compassion, or universal truth.

Therefore, too often, the mind of a practitioner strengthens the very sickness from which they want to heal. The work to get rid of your anxiety only makes you more anxious! 

However, with the right guidance, meditation allows you to blossom with clear equanimity and health, rather than wither with fear, confusion and disease.

A Program You Can Sustain

You want to learn how to meditate. You want to solve a problem. And make your life better. But you’ve learned by now that the solution to a problem can be worse than the problem itself. Or, you’ve completed a few ambitious programs that worked well for a while, but proved too hard to sustain over time. 

After many years of different practices, podcasts, and books, you want a simple, trustable approach to authentic spiritual life. One that doesn’t feel like another obligation demanding more time and energy than you have. 

You’re looking for a reasonable, effective solution. Maybe you’ve tried things based on the latest best-selling self-help recommendation but your life ends up worse off for having done so. 

Tired of these non-fixes, you’re ready to settle into an enjoyable, engaging solution. You want to relax and study with a meditation coach who offers a straightforward, down-to-earth approach with deep, lasting effects.

Function Harmoniously

Most people yearn for a life that works. We want a life that feels normal, comfortable, and easy like a calm Mediterranean afternoon. We want “something” natural, wise, easily meaningful, grounded, and in tune with the natural world. 

Good meditation coaching should help you uncover and align with your best self. Because when your intellect, will, and emotion function together harmoniously you can experience creativity in your life, like a flowing translucent stream. Such harmony allows you to move through life with natural swiftness and ease, refreshing yourself and those around you.

One secures such an existence by knowing and living their highest purpose. Doing so, you’ll feel more confident, clear, effective, empowered, creative, and cheerful.

Because it’s good to know your true self and how to realize that self in the world.


“Soken has a gentle wisdom that helps clear the clutter and get to the heart of the matter-Sheila K


Turning the Lights On

So, to begin dissolving the mental grooves that have you going down the same old paths over and over, fill in the form to set up your free Turning the Lights On session. It’ll be fun. We’ll explore what’s going on for you and clarify the best approach and best next step for your particular situation, circumstance, and mind.