Due to increased requests, we are teaching more live meditation classes.

Our classes are offered by phone and supported with online content. And we are also offering more individual meditation coaching sessions. In a time of crisis, individual coaching is a good way to reflect upon and re-evaluate one’s meaning, purpose, and direction in life. 

So, if you’re looking for a way to cope in pandemic times, we encourage you to take extra precaution and practice self care: eat well, get plenty of sleep, exercise, and try to keep a sense of humor. Also, by all means, be kind to yourself and to others. And, of course, practice meditation to manage your stress, maintain your passion, and protect your long-term dreams.

And of course, start meditating. You can start immediately by signing up for our free Meditation Kit.


Because many of you have continued to reach out and ask for ongoing meditation instruction and spiritual support, we have started a new meditation subscription program. 

We are starting the meditation program on Tuesday April 7th at 7pm with the month-long series Gentle Gentle. In this series we will take this time at home and social distancing as an opportunity to find the gentle healing strength of clear internal stillness.



Meditation is for people who want to maintain composure, grounded-ness, optimism, and sensibility while dealing with worldly challenges. 
Are you feeling overwhelmed by uncertainty? If you are stunned by events beyond your control, anxious, frustrated, or scared, meaningful support and good tools can help you stay clear, grounded, and effective at realizing your goals in life.  

Meditation and contemplative practice will certainly help you get through any crisis in such a way that you end up in a better place than where you were before the crisis started. 

But what actions should you take? What is the best way to take care of yourself and think your way through troubling times? 


If your aspiration is to practice courage, optimism, and creativity, explore possibilities, and stabilize yourself in a calm, flowing, deeply meaningful life, our meditation classes and coaching will: 

  • Help you sustain proper perspective, composure, and peace of mind.
  • Provide you with tools to help you prioritize and ground your thought and action so that you can see opportunities, even in challenging times.
  • Show you how to reframe your mindset in such a way that you can be pro-active rather than reactive in the face of stress.
  • Teach you how to manage and cultivate human sensitivity.
  • Give you tools to help strengthen your social relationships and community, one’s most valuable asset in a time of crisis.


These skills will help you reduce stress, which, in turn, will help you sleep better and strengthen your immune system, which is one’s best defence against sickness and disease.





Classes Include

  • Live calls 
  • Guided meditation
  • Short talks following each meditation
  • Q&A
  • Access to recorded calls
  •  Curated reading lists
  • Science-based exercises for stress reduction

You will Learn to

  • Be proactive not reactive
  • Build resilience to stress
  • Maintain composure for good thinking
  • Practice meditation for peace of mind
  • Organize your thought and action
  •  See opportunity in challenging times
  • Reframe your mindset
  • Strengthen your social relationships