“Dost thou love life? 
Then do not squander time, 
for that is the stuff life is made of.”
—Benjamin Franklin


What Is Life Coaching?

Put simply, Life Coaching is something that helps you make mindful choices for a brilliant life.

One of the most important questions in Life Coaching and life itself is: 

What do you do

Because what you do is who you are. 

If the questions, “Who am I?” or “What am I doing?” have you scratching your head, then you want a Life Coach.

Some everyday scenarios that indicate that you might have these questions are:  

  • You like making money but not the way you make it. 
  • You’re frustrated because you can’t spend time with the people who are important to you, so you become sad and your health and well-being suffer. 
  • You’re anxious because you see that your opportunities to have the life you want are daily shrinking. 
  • You want to give up rather than to change for what you love. 

Don’t worry. 

Life Coaching helps you regain control of your life so that you spend more time with the activities, projects, and people you actually care about. 

Who Can Benefit from a Life Coach?

Just about everyone benefits from Life Coaching. (As long as they are cognitively able and willing to participate in the process.) 

Studies show that research-based coaching techniques work for people who want to make lasting changes in their lives through personal insight, and goal attainment. 

But we don’t work with everyone. 

Our clients are successful, creative people with heart.

They are bold.

They want insights that make life better for themselves and others. 

Our clients are gracious people. 

Our community of unique thinkers, doers, creators, leaders, healers, and seekers come to us having already achieved success, but they want help with the next big step. 

You probably recognize the complexity of your life-situation and want a final solution to its difficult problems. 

If sincerity, dedication, commitment, patience, resolve, creativity, beauty, care, originality, and compassion are qualities you value, then you’re like us, and the community we serve. 

If you’re like the many people who come to work with us, perhaps your desired outcome is too vague or you’re afraid to fail? 

Or you don’t have the time, focus or bandwidth to think about what you want to think about, much less explore ideas or bring them into a cohesive, meaningful vision with a plan of action for achieving specific, measurable, and realistic but challenging goals.

Perhaps you want to do something, but you don’t know where to start?

Maybe your finest resources are being mined for shareholders’ profits instead of yourself, and you’re too busy, stressed, anxious, and all-over-the-place to map a path forward. 

Or, you want joy, creativity, intellectual challenge, time with nature, travel, and new experiences. But instead, you’re slowly becoming too cynical even to dream of pure wonder and enchantment. 

If so—you’re losing your will to live—you need spiritual CPR. 

First, you must identify your values. 

Then, you must put your values into a vision that you strongly want to achieve.  

What Will Having a Life Coach Help You Achieve?

Having a Life Coach helps you regain control of your time and supports you in designing your life. 

A coach helps you gain more clarity and confidence, which, in turn, helps you to communicate well and to act effectively. 

Some of the results our clients have achieved include: 

  • A more rewarding job
  • Moving to the city of their dreams
  • Securing a significant pay raise 
  • Living free of social conditioning and norms
  • Serious spiritual practice 
  • Completion of an award-winning project
  • Family and children

    “After struggling for weeks trying to figure out the right thing to do, a one-hour call with [Soken] gave me the clarity I needed. 

    By answering a series of thoughtful questions and hearing my answers reflected back to me, I was able to untangle the signal from the noise. 

    By the end of the call, the answer revealed itself. It’s been a few weeks since our call and I still feel great about the decision. 

    I’m so grateful to Soken for helping me with this and won’t hesitate to reach out again for more Life Coaching.”

    Maya K., New York City


    What Types of Life Coaching Do We Offer?

    We specialize in two types of Life Coaching: Spiritual Life Coaching & Buddhist Life Coaching, both of which begin with a similarly structured Three-Month-Long Introductory Series.

    In this introductory series, you’ll receive one-on-one coaching and mentoring through six 90-minute, private sessions. 

    Your session can be held either by phone or video conference—whichever you prefer. 

    Once we decide on a time that works for you, we’ll meet at the same time every two weeks for three months to uncover your goals, confirm why they matter to you and devise a plan with accountability structures to achieve them. 

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