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New York Rolfing Studio

NYC Rolfing Studio
80 5th Ave, Suite 906
New York, NY 10011

Call:  917-231-6712
Text: 917-231-6712

Daily 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Closed Wednesdays

Free Updates


48 Hour Cancellation Policy
48 hours advance notice of a canceled or rescheduled appointment is required to ensure that you will not be charged for the appointment. You will be charged the full price of a session for a canceled or rescheduled appointment with less than 48 hours notice.

Payments and Insurance
Yes, we accept all major credit cards. American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover, etc. 

We are very sorry, but we are not a preferred provider with any insurance company. Nor do we assist with auto-accident claims. We simply do not have the staff to process the paperwork, e-mails and phone calls that come from insurance companies investigating such claims.

Rolfing NYC

Please visit us for Rolfing in Manhattan.
We love you Brooklyn, but we no longer offer Rolfing sessions in Brooklyn.