What Is Buddhist Life Coaching?

Buddhist Life Coaching prepares you to study Buddhism. It helps you to reflect on your values, spiritual motivations, core beliefs, identity, and purpose – and to live freely.

The focus of this kind of coaching is on deepening your sensitivity, purifying your spirit, and healing your mind.

Who Can Benefit From Buddhist Life Coaching?

Sincere spiritual souls who want to live for the principles they cherish. Our clients are dedicated, compassionate, and caring people who want a spiritual-religious life. 

They are thoughtful people who want to bring more goodness into their own lives, and the lives of others. 

Perhaps you also want to live by higher standards of beauty and truth in your life, but you feel constrained by family obligations, your job, limiting beliefs, or negative emotions? 

You might have an idea of how you want to live, without knowing how to bring that life about. 

Or, maybe—like many —you’re too familiar with one or more of these thoughts:

  • I feel comfortable and secure—but I’m still dissatisfied.
  • I’m not talented or as lucky as others—I know that good isn’t great, but it’s good enough.
  • One should avoid what’s scary and new.
  • It appears to me that failure is more likely than success—therefore, my past failures imply future ones.
  • People owe me—I’m waiting for them to help.
  • It’s too lateIt’s not worth trying to live the life I want.

Left unchecked, these dangerous frames of mind grow stronger and become more difficult to shed. However, anyone can pursue spiritual aspirations, so long as they are dedicated to forging a new path.


Clients who come to us are above-average leaders with a tremendous spirit who want to take action—to make life more creative and meaningful—but they need help taking the next ‘big step.’


Finding Your Path

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re considering a number of different paths — including Buddhism.

Perhaps you’re considering approaches such as meditation, conventional Life Coaching, a challenging athletic pursuit, or going back to school.

But for a creative, spiritual seeker these approaches won’t be enough:

Meditation Is Just One Tool

There are many benefits to meditation, however, on its own, meditation doesn’t bring about meaningful personal transformation.

Life Coaching Isn’t Enough

Conventional Life Coaching can help you to achieve important life goals, but will probably not deepen your mind.

A Ph.D. Is Not The Meaning Of Life

Academic programs in Buddhist Studies and Philosophy teach concepts—not the real meaning and purpose of your life. Rather, academics compare theories, systems, history, rituals, and ideas.

In Buddhist Life Coaching, you study to gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what the world is—as well as—and especially—how to live what you understand.

Exercise Is Awesome, But It’s Not The Answer To Every Problem

Some personal trainers have become internet gurus. And while keeping fit is important, exercise and the power of positive thinking won’t solve the profound human question: “Who am I?”

Working together, we’ll learn how to approach such questions as: “Who am I?” “What is the nature of my suffering?” “What is the world?” “What is enlightenment?”

Our course of study brings you to a deeper appreciation of what it means to ask these questions. But also how you can answer such seemingly unanswerable questions in a meaningful way that you can practice.

Religious Centers That Bind You

Meditation centers don’t provide good personal instruction. 

Like a franchise, they promote a particular ideology through programs that move masses of people with standardized thought and behavior. 

With me, you’ll work one-on-one. And I’m a coach who has specially trained to teach you about how to approach Buddhism with respect for your unique talent, interests, passions, and position in life. 

This personal process ensures that you’ll get the careful guidance that you’ll need to learn how to study the Buddha’s Way.


What Does Buddhist Life Coaching Help You Achieve?

Most people don’t believe that they can live a straightforward life. 

But anyone can. Because it’s our nature to do so.

With Buddhist Life Coaching, you’ll understand what it means to have an objective vision of your life by facing hard facts with courage, faith, creativity, compassion, and composure. 

Buddhist Life Coaching can help you:

  • Engage with self-discovery
  • Know and live your true purpose.
  • Reflect on your life’s deeper meaning.
  • Make important life transitions.
  • Use time wisely.
  • Maintain spiritual hygiene.
  • Understand life transitions like retirement, marriage, birth, and death.
  • Embrace change and transition
  • Prepare you for the true study and practice of Buddha Nature.


What Does the Buddhist Life Coaching Process Look Like?

The process starts with an initial free consultation in which we get to know each other. This is both an exploratory and explanatory session for us. 

We’ll get an idea of each other and see if we’re a suitable match. Meanwhile, you’ll gain insight into what kinds of changes you can make in your life: to make it more suitable for spiritual and religious practice, for instance. 

This interview process is fun with no hard-sell at the end. And you’re free to take what you get and run with it. 

If we’re a good fit, I’ll explain how to get started with your study.


Getting Started With Buddhist Life Coaching

Contemplative Practices

In your study, you will learn how to live a more enlightened life. 

What you do might include meditation, discussion, spiritual retreat, and reading— especially material assigned to you to cultivate your mind.

Goals for Practice 

You’ll also deeply examine your goals, push into what drives you, and discover the deeper meaning behind your existence. 

Together, we’ll take a realistic look at your true interests in life. 

And—even if, after learning what it is, you decide that Buddhist practice isn’t for you—you’ll leave our study with more courage, confidence, and success.

Creating a Plan

We will review all of your resources, anticipate your obstacles, and take important steps toward creating a complete and realistic plan that supports your study of Buddhism.

Self-Limiting Beliefs

Also, you’ll learn how to identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs; for instance: negative frames of mind, shame, insecurity, ignorance, and doubt. 

Exploring your available options and possibilities for action, we’ll thoroughly examine one-by-one what obstacles you might face and how you can overcome them. 

Additionally, we’ll ensure that your actions support your ultimate goal: to study Buddhist enlightenment. And I’ll be with you—sometimes encouraging and sometimes challenging—to support your progress and help you stay committed when things get tough—until you have your own insight and breakthrough.

A Structured Process

The program involves meeting six times over the course of three months.

We start your study by working within a structured process that includes assigned readings, discussion, and exercises because you’ll need to build your approach to life with a clear vision and plan for action. 


Ready to Get Started?

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