Can You Meditate Lying Down?

Can You Meditate Lying Down?

Meditation is a form of sustained concentration.  It’s a portal where you can slow down time and ask yourself big existential questions: Who am I? What is my purpose in… Read more »

What Is The Goal Of Meditation?

What Is the Goal of Meditation?

In a prehistoric forest, maybe while gazing into a forest or noticing the movement of the stars, there must have been a moment when someone first wondered, what is this?… Read more »

What Is A Spiritual Life Coach?

What is a Spiritual Life Coach? 

Many people assume that spirituality is linked closely to religion, but in reality its intention is simply to help people identify their higher purpose in life. In recent years, professionals… Read more »

How to Make Peace With Change

“Each man, each thing, everything in this world has its reason for being. Everything is beautiful, everything is good, everything is necessary.”  – Piet Mondrian    New York closed down… Read more »

Who Else Wants to Live?

Reading Time: 5 minutes The aim of mindfulness—true mindfulness—is existential . . . It sometimes happens that bits from seemingly unrelated zones of life — (cooking, philosophizing, clothing, cleaning, creating,… Read more »