What Makes Life Good

Few people will disagree that life improves with money and love. The more one has of both, the better life is.    Of course, it can happen that the pursuit… Read more »

Zen and Goya’s Graphic Imagination

At the time of this writing, my first real outing since Covid struck—other than to my temple in North Carolina—was yesterday. I ventured past my 14-block COVID-safety area to the Metropolitan… Read more »

How To Become More Spiritual

How to Become More Spiritual

We experience two connected yet different realities: the physical and the spiritual. By understanding their connection, you may learn how to become more spiritual. The physical is everything we can… Read more »

How To Find Your Purpose In Life

How to Find Your Purpose in Life

When survival is no longer a struggle, people sometimes find the energy to focus on a new challenge: the pursuit of purpose. Recent studies show that after attaining an annual… Read more »

How To Be Zen About Life

A couple of years ago a family friend of mine, in his seventies, said to me, “I don’t give a sh*t about my death. I don’t care.”    We were… Read more »

balancing point

Finding Balance with Frantz Fanon

In the time between the winter solstice and the first week in January, I retreated from the world to study. Starting the year like this, engaged with self-reflection and self-discovery helps… Read more »