Maybe you are just starting out, or maybe you have been meditating for years but you still feel like something is missing. On the surface everything is going well – and yet, life feels empty: 

You don’t have time to pursue what you love, or you don’t know what your purpose in life is. Or maybe you don’t act on what you know to be your calling because you’re too afraid to fail.

But, life’s difficulties – handled wisely and with compassion – are full of opportunity.

Meditation can help you feel more comfortable in your body, overcome feelings of self reproach, and cultivate deeper levels of compassion. Meditation can also improve focus, sleep, and feelings of ease and calmness.

Going Beyond Meditation is for people who want to align their passion with a higher Good and take action to realise that Good in the world.

Get started with meditation and GO BEYOND. Explore our Contemplative Guidance Program and upcoming Cultivating Awareness Classes.


Explore personal spiritual guidance and our upcoming classes below. 

Contemplative Guidance

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Contemplative Guidance is spiritual instruction, in an individualised tutorial format. 

You will be provided with insight, accountability, and support while being guided through an illuminating process of self-inquiry. You will learn how to live a fulfilling, meaningful, and balanced spiritual life.

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Group Classes
Cultivating Awareness

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The Bodhi Heart Cultivating Awareness Program offers ongoing classes in Contemplative Practice.

The 12-week class: ‘Getting the Good,’ will help you re-center and restore positive states of mind.