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Rolfing addresses body pain and imbalances. And meditation generates positive states of mind that keep you healthy and thriving.


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We’d like to offer you a free meditation kit: three guided meditations and supporting materials for your health and well-being.

Meditation will improve your Rolfing results, and studies show that meditation makes for more energy, creativity, increased empathy and compassion, and an improved ability to solve problems.


Rolfing New York

Rolfing NYC 

People in New York want to do things. They want to exceed themselves. And it’s a thrill to help them do so. People have told me I’m the best Rolfer™ in New York. But I don’t know that I’m the best Rolfer™ in New York. Because there are many great Rolfers here. However, after giving more than 10,000 Rolfing® sessions as a Certified Advanced Rolfer™, I’ve helped many people reclaim their lives from pain.

What to Look for In a Rolfer

Rolfing® is a highly personal matter. The important thing is to find a Rolfer™ you like, who  understands you, and produces the results you want.

The Benefits of Rolfing

Rolfing® can relieve pain and chronic, depressing discomfort. And it’s a powerful way to remove mental, emotional and energetic blockages that keep you from enjoying life.

Bodhi Heart Rolfing® is simple, because all you need to do is show up and get Rolfed. That’s it. That’s how it works. After you contact me by text, phone, or e-mail, I’ll get back to you and ask what brings you to Rolfing®. We’ll determine if Rolfing® makes sense for your situation. Then I’ll give you an idea of what a treatment plan might look like. (As a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ I don’t necessarily recommend the Rolfing® 10-series, which is a standardized, one-size-fits-all approach.)

As a Certified Advanced Rolfer™, my work addresses your body’s specific needs. I’ve successfully treated: sciatic pain, pain from scoliosis, grief, career change, a sore shoulder, sore knees, upper back pain, posture, re-integration after a profound spiritual shift, plantar fasciitis, anxiety, stress, sinus compression, headaches, tinnitus, lower back pain, hip pain, or feeling “out of it,” “un-centered,” or “ungrounded.”

How I Got Started as a Rolfer

I came to this work after completing 10 years of training at a Zen Buddhist monastery. My 105 year old teacher told me to study Rolfing® to support myself in the world as I made my way on pilgrimage. That teacher has since died, and now I study with Zen Master Seikan Hasegawa. We’re currently in the process of building two mountain hermitages: one in Japan and the other in Western North Carolina, near Tennessee.

What Makes Rolfing Unique?

I’m an admirer of nature. Because nature informs the same intelligence that makes Rolfing® work. Therefore, a good Rolfer helps remove obstacles to the body’s self-healing process. And – by the way – to cultivate such intelligence and sensitivity is also the aim of the meditation work I do with people. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you download our free meditation kit (above). Because it will improve your Rolfing® results.

Rolfing® NYC is a unique position to be in. And I’m honored to be here, helping New York and New Yorkers realize their full potential as humans. Also, I’m grateful to be learning about myself, health, and healing in the process of healing others.

Who Is Ida P. Rolf?

The picture here is an homage to the founder of Rolfing: Dr. Ida P. Rolf. Throughout most of her life Dr. Rolf was intrigued with & explored many forms of alternative healing including homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic & yoga.

What About Contemplation?

To learn more about our contemplation programs, please scroll down.

Contemplative Guidance

Socrates said that the unexamined life is not worth living.



Maybe you’re in the midst of a career change. Or maybe you’re seeking answers to questions about relationship, or looking to come up with a plan to break free of your current job to regain control of your time and your life.  Whatever it may be, once you know how to live from wisdom and compassion, your life unfolds naturally and enjoyably.

It may sound simple, but to see one’s life clearly is difficult. Because today’s world is complex, dynamic, and full of unsettling change – it’s brimming with possibility. In this dazzling high-modernist landscape, with a bewildering array of choices – e.g. Should I have a child or pursue my career? Should I leave my firm to start my own business? What makes me happy? What’s the meaning of all this? –  it’s helpful to have a good guide.



Contemplative Guidance helps you to balance your needs with the sometimes difficult demands of your environment. Thus it’s possible to  thrive professionally and economically while enjoying rich human relationships. Consequently, you begin to enjoy a deep connection to values that bring true creativity and spiritual meaning into your life.



Contemplative Guidance is a personal mentoring program based on Soken’s deep (25 year-long) study as a monastically trained Buddhist priest. And it can be thought of as Spiritual Guidance from a Buddhist perspective. Therefore, this work supports health, well-being, self-awareness, spiritual sensitivity, financial security, creativity, focus, and intellectual acumen.

Practicing meditation will deepen your sensitivity. Consequently, you’ll begin to heal and purify your mind. And you’ll see things as they are. Thus you’ll develop the skill and confidence to act warmly and compassionately, in agreement with what actually is. In this way, the world opens up for you, nourished by love and truth: two essential ingredients for stability and peace of mind.



You will work with Soken through phone sessions, assigned readings, writing exercises, discussion, and contemplative practice. And through this process you will learn how to realize worldly success without sacrificing the richness, meaning, and purpose of a well-lived human life.



Soken has helped many people do amazing things. To begin your journey of transformative growth, call, text, or email soken-at-bodhiheartrolfing-dot-com/917-231-6712 to schedule your free one-hour Turning-the-Lights-on session by phone. Explore the many possibilities you have right now for a new life.

To read about our meditation classes, please scroll down.

Schedule a Free Phone Consultation



Bodhi Heart Cultivating Awareness classes are for people in transition. And it’s for people eager to grow, or wanting to make a change. Contemplation allows one to clarify a vision of the Good. And such clarification makes for increases in health. Also, a clear vision about one’s direction in life helps to raise the strength and courage which allow you to follow a wholesome, steadfast way in a loud, changing world.

Our 6-week Cultivating Awareness Class: ‘Get to Know Your Self’ provides teachings on how to cultivate a vision of the Good. By studying various teachings, you will learn how to generate compassion, overcome negativity, remove blockages, and cultivate beneficial states of mind. In this way, you’ll bring hidden patterns and habits of mind to light. Therefore, you’ll regain access to your best self, making for new, positive ways of being. And you can manifest a new self.

Learn More about Cultivating Awareness

Cultivating Awareness is a 6-week Class | Class Meets by Phone or Video Conference | 9pm ET

Learn More about Cultivating Awareness

Weekly Class Calls | 9-10pm ET
Our 6-week Cultivating Awareness Classes provide teachings on how to cultivate compassion, overcome negativity, find meaning and direction in life, remove blockages, and cultivate a positive vision of one’s life and the world.

Upcoming Class

TBD | Weekly Class Calls | 9-10pm ET

Building a Foundation

Cultivating Awareness begins by building a solid foundation for practice by turning awareness to one’s values. Therefore, we’ll look at questions like: What is my view about living? What makes life meaningful? What is true happiness?

Confusion abounds about which
mental models to live by

Some people are future-oriented with faith in science, progress and technology. Others are past-oriented and feel that it’s better to follow tradition; they long for an Elysian past, resistant to change. Still others—devoted to freedom—romantically discard constraining concerns, believing that to wholeheartedly follow a dream insures a fulfilling existence.

We all want to know how to live,
and have strategies for doing so

But if we’re honest, sometimes our strategies aren’t working for us: maybe we feel lost, unfulfilled in our jobs, or we have the vague sense that ‘I’ could ‘somehow’ be more. We want to take action to cultivate more meaning and joy, to fix our sense that ‘something is off,’ that we’re not being true to our self; we want to heal—but we can’t pinpoint the problem, and we don’t know where to start.

One way to happiness—as Aristotle suggested—is to discuss with wise, sensible peers how best to live.

Active Goodness

This class presents ideas, talks and readings that may challenge your way of seeing and doing things. In Cultivating Awareness, a spiritual view is one that takes seriously the idea that there exists a vibrant reality of active goodness – Buddhists call it Buddha Nature – as real as, and concomitant with, the material world; and that, through a person’s personal practice, such goodness functions for a greater good.

To realize such a view begins with humility and inquiry, typically in a small group of a dozen or so sincere, like-minded heroes.

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

To establish a genuine spiritual practice inevitably requires some guidance. This guidance comes in many forms e.g. a teacher, mentor, friend, spirit-guide, book, vision, community, or class—to name only a few.

I have been teaching this material for 10 years as both a secular meditation teacher and a Buddhist priest. And I continue to study, regularly attending periods of extended mountain retreat with my teacher, Zen Master Seikan Hasegawa, in North Carolina and Japan.

What I find is that people do want to do good, but they often want to do their own version of what’s good–which, of course, is not always, necessarily, or actually, good, though it sometimes—accidentally—is.

So, what is the Good?

Through a kind of Socratic dialogue, we’ll look at how you’ve come to choose your values. Maybe you’ve never thought about such a thing. We’ll ask: what is your standard for speech and action, your north star, your moral compass? We’ll contemplate the extent to which you live according to your values: What are their effects? What traditions do they come from? What have people said about them over the centuries? We’ll also look at how to bring this inquiry into daily practice. And, most importantly, we’ll emphasize practice as the only vehicle we (humans) have for improvement in—and of—our world.

The mystical is the most practical

A modern sage, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, once said, “The mystical is the most practical.”

In this class you will learn to see through many of the world’s trappings, such as the notion that any particular job, family situation, or status guarantees peace of mind. You will be guided to rich sources of moral, spiritual, religious, artistic, and philosophical thought, from so-called ‘Eastern’ and ‘Western’ civilization, to reinvigorate and polish your conception of the Good. Thus you will gain self-knowledge, energy, and a deeper sense of what it means to be human.

Weekly Class Calls on Mondays | 9-10pm ET
Our 6-week Cultivating Awareness Classes provide teachings on how to cultivate compassion, overcome negativity, remove blockages, and a positive vision for your life and the world.


It takes composure and steadiness of mind to look honestly at one’s self.

You will learn patience with yourself, which will translate into patience and compassion for others. As a result of all this, you might gain the courage to begin changing your habits and activities, because not only will you have a clear direction, you’ll know why you’re doing what you’re doing, where you are in the spiritual universe, and, consequently, armed with a better, more specific idea of where you’d like to go, you’ll come away with a map—a plan of action that’s suitable to—and harmonizes—your personality, gifts, passions and needs.

How this works

You will be enrolled in a seminar-style class of no more than 12 people and we will meet once per week for a 1-hour phone call on Monday nights at 9pm ET every week for 6-weeks.

Through readings, lectures, reflection, journaling and discussion, we’ll go over topics such as What is Enlightenment, The Good Life, What is the Self, The Meaning of Life, and other such content to support the illuminating process of self-inquiry while helping you to sharpen insights about yourself and the world in which you live. All of the calls will be recorded for your review, and you will have access to an online library, full of exceptional content, including meditations and spiritual teachings for further exploration.

Week 1:  
Contemplation is a foundation for the good life: But contemplation does not mean crossing your legs and “tuning into” your breath. Rather, it involves deep reflection, focus on, and honest scrutiny of your life. Meditation as contemplation is the foundation for self-inquiry, which makes for a better world, and a better life.

Week 2: 
Contemporary life and visions of the good.

Week 3:
Looking at Virtue
What are your values, what are they based on and why are you following them?

Week 4:
Contemplating Integrity 
Will, intellect and emotion: Why living wholly with integrity leads to a happy and meaningful life.

Week 5:
Awareness and Self Compassion: Using meditation to become whole.

Week 6:
Your plan for living a Good Life.

Follow up:
15-minute private consultation


If you sign up now, you’ll immediately be sent  a registration link to schedule a time to meet with me for a short personal call to help you focus your self-inquiry process and get the most out of this material.

Life changing 

Many people have proclaimed that this class has completely changed their life.

“My life has changed thanks to the monthly four week meditation classes Soken guides and teaches on what it is like to meditate from a pure Zen place with a modern twist. I am a completely different person and continue to grow and learn about myself and the universe and all that is.”

-A.H. San Francisco, CA


“Soken’s contemplative sessions have been life changing and it’s only been two months since I started this journey with him. He is caring, intuitive, insightful and most of all extremely patient. The energy he radiates gives you such a sense of inner calm and peace. I can’t thank him enough and I look forward to growing with him as we continue our sessions.”

-K.P., San Francisco, CA

Don’t fall asleep in a system

So, if you’re ready to take control of your destiny and live from your heart—without giving up your mind—you’re encouraged to enroll.

We hope to see you in class!

Although Soken is a Buddhist Monk, Cultivating Awareness is not affiliated with any religion. This class was created by Soken for people of all faiths and belief systems to support body-mind health and true peace of mind.

Weekly Class Calls on Monday | 9-10pm ET
Our 6-week Cultivating Awareness Classes provide teachings on how to cultivate awareness, compassion, overcome negativity, remove blockages, and cultivate positive states of mind.

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About Soken

Rev. Soken Paul Graf is a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ in NYC and monastically trained Buddhist priest under Zen Master Seikan Hasegawa. He divides his time between New York City, Kyoto, Japan and the mountains near Asheville, North Carolina, where he continues to study with his teacher in a hermitage for Buddhist study and practice. Having started Bodhi Heart Rolfing and Meditation in San Francisco in 2009, he currently works in the city of New York.

Deeply influenced by contemplative practice and years of monastic study, Soken’s treatments support your body’s innate capacity to heal.  Rolfing® sessions can help to keep you feeling grounded, balanced and at ease while flourishing with simplicity and grace in an increasingly complex world.

The Cultivating Awareness Program was developed in direct response to clients’ questions about maintaining composure amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Clients who experienced the relaxed state of mind, gentle awareness, and sense of flow after a Rolfing® session, wanting to carry this experience into their lives, asked Soken to teach a class about how to do so. Soken responded by developing the Cultivating Awareness Program, and upon a further request from those who wished to go deeper, he developed the Contemplative Guidance Program.

Contemplative Guidance and Cultivating Awareness are awareness-based meditation programs born out of the same principle as Rolfing®: with faith in a fundamental intelligence that only needs to be recognized, nurtured and developed for the body and mind to heal. Because mind and body are profoundly related, by establishing one’s self in the steady awareness that clearly perceives cause-effect relationships, as well as states of gratitude and a spiritual orientation to life, it’s easy to leave the nervous system’s ‘fight-or-flight’ mode behind for more efficient, rewarding, positive states of mind. Both of these programs have developed from Soken’s work as a Rolfer™ and his extensive training as a Buddhist monk.

Soken obtained his degree as a Certified Rolfer™ in 2006 at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. Thereafter, he studied under Dr. Jeffrey Maitland, an internationally recognized Advanced Rolfing Instructor, innovator and author of Mind Body Zen. In 2010, in Vienna and Berlin, Soken attained his degree as a Certified Advanced Rolfer with an emphasis on energy medicine.  He is also the resident monk and founder of the Maha Bodhi Zen Center.

Additionally, Soken is trained in Visceral Manipulation,  Craniosacral Therapy, SourcePoint Therapy®, and holds an advanced certification to practice Cold-Laser Therapy, an FDA approved intervention for cellular health. As an advocate for complimentary medicine, Soken continues to study, work and learn with doctors, healers and scholars in the Eastern and Western medical traditions.


  • Rolfing

    My last session with Soken was much more effective for my knee than were four sessions of traditional physical therapy.

    D.B. San Francisco, CA

    My shoulder is better than it’s ever been. Also, I started back at the gym, and have been running. I haven’t been able to run in about 15 years because my knees always bother me a lot when I do. Now, they are great. no issues.

    A.N. San Francisco, CA

    I could not believe how energized and recharged I was after my first session with you [Soken].  It was an AMAZING experience!  I was focused and alert the remainder of the day and into the evening.  I still can’t believe I’ve never heard of this technique until now.  I noticed this helped with my yoga practice Sunday morning.  Again, many thanks.

    D.Y. San Francisco, CA

    My headache ended approximately Friday evening.  I have been feeling really good physically.  I feel like the session [with Soken] was pretty powerful.  I’m not really sure how to describe it but I feel like I am somehow digesting and absorbing some internal shifts.  I taught a yoga class on Saturday and it was my most positive experience so far.  I was able to remain grounded in my body and stay out of my head and let the teaching come through me.   Thanks again. Namaste.

    S.D. Concord, CA

    I went for a walk tonight, and I did not want to stop walking.  It was a slightly odd pleasant feeling that the motion of walking felt good.  I wanted to take larger strides.  It’s like something that didn’t get used for a while felt like it was being used. Very cool.  Just thought I would let you know that what you [Soken] are doing is making me feel good  :-)

    J.F. Palo Alto, CA

    I hope you are well-I just wanted to share, you [Soken] have an amazing way with helping and healing others-I felt it from the day I met you and can still feel it here in Kenya!! Thank you!

    K.C. Kenya, Africa

  • Contemplative Guidance


    Like turning on the light in a darkened room, working with Soken has been profoundly illuminating. All dimensions of my life have benefited. I am a better collaborator, business owner, family member, friend, and overall human being for it. This work is deep.

    J.S. San Francisco, CA

    Soken’s contemplative sessions have been life changing and it’s only been two months since I have started this journey with him. He is caring, intuitive, insightful and most of all, extremely patient.  The energy he radiates gives you such a sense of inner calm and peace.  I can’t thank him enough and I look forward to growing with him as we continue our sessions.

    K.P. San Francisco, CA

    It is not enough to say that working with Soken changed my life. This work impacted the core of my being. I no longer wake up pushing through life; rather, I flow with it. And when difficult circumstances come up, I now have the skill and know-how to deal with them.

    L.G. Fremont, CA

  • Meditation

    After going through the 10-series, I found meditation helpful for maintaining my alignment by helping me to release tension and stress.

    J.L. San Francisco, CA

    [The Bodhi Heart Meditation Class] has allowed me to be in the present moment, not only while sitting, but most importantly out in the world, where it really counts.

    J.B. San Francisco, CA

    My life has changed thanks to the monthly four week meditation classes Soken guides and teaches on what it is like to meditate from a pure Zen place with a modern twist. I am a completely different person and continue to grow and learn about myself and the universe and all that is.

    A.H. San Francisco, Ca

    I just wanted to let you know that I am still practicing . . . I have noticed a big shift in my daily inner state, and am so grateful for this. I really appreciate the intersection of the conceptual/metaphorical/theoretical and the actual daily practice. It’s working for me. Just wanted to update you. Thank you so much.

    M.F. San Francisco, CA

    You’ve been saying that great changes will happen if we do this (meditation) regularly. I’ve been much calmer (most evident while driving) and optimistic; I really feel like I can experience everything I’ve ever wanted, and more. It’s amazing how something so simple can help with  EVERYTHING.

    L.G. San Francisco, CA


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